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Get a virtual presence at a physical location

Give your business the advantage of being only a local call away from your customers, whether you want a London 0207 number, a Birmingham 0121 number or a Manchester 0161 number we can provide remote call forwarding numbers for any town or city in the UK.
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So how does it work

Simple. Get a number from us and you can forward it to any landline or mobile phone you wish. Whenever anyone calls your number, their call will automatically be forwarded to wherever you specify at no added cost to the caller.

It's a totally seamless service with absolutely no changes needed to your existing telecommunications setup. Whether you're with BT, Virgin or any other landline provider or mobile operator - our numbers are guaranteed to work.

If you forward the number to a landline, mobile, or even an international destination then you will be charged for that call (at a highly competitive rate). To find out about specfic call charges please email us for a price stating your intended destination to

Examples of how to use a local UK virtual number
  • A local builder based just outside of London in Richmond was securing business in his local area because he advertised his local number. Although he was only 10 minutes away from London he never got a call because he didn't advertise a 0207 or 0208 number. We supplied his business with a virtual London number which forwarded to his landline and mobile making him look like he had an office in London. When he advertised the number he found that people called him because they believed that he was local to them.

  • If you are running multiple companies from one location you can differentiate your calls by giving each of them a number. When the call is received we can play a whisper on the line so that it tells you what business the call is for.

  • If you are advertising in the press, use a local number that is the same as the area you are advertising in. You will get more calls from people who think you are local.

It's an easy and affordable way to increase your business' appeal to potential customers anywhere in the UK. It doesn't matter where you're based: you can have a virtual presence anywhere in the UK with a LocalNumbers4u number.

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How can a local UK number help you

UK Geographic Numbers for every Town in the UK
UK Geographic Numbers (also known as Local Area Code Numbers, UK Town Numbers and STD Codes) all begin with the digits 01 or 02 and relate to a City, Town or Area in the UK. For instance, 020 is the Local Area Code for London and 0121 is the Local Area Code for Birmingham.

Virtual Number - No Extra Phone Lines needed
Our UK Geographic Numbers are 'Virtual Numbers' - they are not attached to a physical Phone Line or to a Local Exchange, so there is no need to install a new Phone Line or pay for Line Rental.

Divert to any Landline or Mobile Number
The Numbers are Routed (diverted) to your existing Landline Number for just 2 Pence per Minute, or to a Mobile Number for just 14 Pence per Minute, which is about 25% cheaper that BT.

Yours for Life and Portable
If you buy a Number, it is yours for life and it is not tied to an exchange, if you move Offices, you simply Change the Routing of your Number to your new Office Number.

Memorable UK Geographic Numbers
You may also want to maximise your opportunities to encourage Inbound Calls and use a UK Geographic Number instead of your standard UK Landline Number. These are widely used by Taxi Companies and Real Estate Agents and are suitable for any type of Business regardless of Size or Industry. We have Thousands of Memorable UK Geographic Numbers which we have split in to different levels, the highest level is Diamond.

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